Angela. I make books and write things and read a lot.
My original copy of Stan & Jan Berenstain's Old Hat New Hat is framed on my desk, a memory of the first book I'd read on my own, so many times over the course of my young life (so many times... forgive me, parents). Fast-forward to three decades later, where now I'm in charge of printing children's books of a similar vein, tales that children will latch onto and perhaps frame in their own adult apartments. (I can't be the only one.)

I've worked on both frontlist and backlist production across two companies and nine imprints. This includes novels, picture books, pop-ups, and things with all kinds of add-ons and crazy touch & feel elements.

In junction with design and manufacturing, my production work has been recognized at the Book Industry Guild's annual book show:

I am perpetually "working on a novel," or working on rewriting the same novel for the third time.

I have participated in NaNoWriMo since 2008, winner for seven of those years. (spoiler: they're awful.)

I've contributed to Susquehanna U's Rivercraft, Sigma Alpha Iota's Pan Pipes, and the now-defunct Heart of Glass magazine.

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Sometimes I have hobbies that aren't related to books. Like photography, or music, or... no, that's about it.